Who We Are

At CatCo shop, we specialize in everything that involves the universe of cats, focusing on creative products, with differentiated design for the day-to-day life of humans and their lovely furry companions. In a dog dominated pet industry, it can be overwhelming shopping for your cat.

CatCo shop wants to solve that problem! That is why we have curated the coolest and most unique products for your cat and yourself, all in one place! We aim to combine technology and efficiency so that your life and that of your kitten are much easier and healthier.

We seek to bring you the best and highest quality products that go beyond beauty and comfort, but especially preserving the safety and health of our felines.


The Community

CatCo shop celebrates the relationship between cats and the humans who are passionate about them. We appreciate the beauty and recognize all the love and affection they give us. We all the cats, the only cats, the stray cats, the multifamily, the pure breeds, the mixed breeds, the rescues (we <3 u), indoors, outdoors. Thank you for playing such a special role in our lives and touching our hearts. We appreciate you, and we appreciate YOU human, for taking care of them!


Ethically Driven

We are always concerned with promoting greater respect for animals and facilitating interaction, thus helping to build strong and lasting bonds between the cats and their humans.

We seek to be a reference brand bringing not only fun and high-quality products but helping bringing joy to homes where there is a cat and a human and building the necessary trust that our customers can always count on us!


Meet the Team!

Meet the catployees that work hard to deliver to your cat the best service and products! 

Got a question or need a helping paw? We're just a meow away.